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Warranty Information:

Purchasing power supply series products entitles you to a 10-year warranty against non-human factors. Additionally, if any damage occurs within 3 years of purchase, you are eligible for a free direct replacement service. PD chargers, on the other hand, have a 3-year warranty, excluding damages caused by human factors.

  1. All Accuwitt products in the power supply series are covered by a 10-year warranty against non-human factors. Additionally, if any damage occurs within 3 years of purchase, free replacement service will be provided. The warranty does not cover damages caused by human factors.

  2. Accuwitt guarantees that the purchased product is free from any material and manufacturing defects. This warranty does not affect any statutory warranty claims and serves as an additional independent claim against Accuwitt.

  3. The warranty only applies to Accuwitt products listed in the warranty list. If it is proven that a part is defective due to material and manufacturing-related defects despite proper handling and compliance with the operating instructions, Accuwitt may choose to provide a free replacement or repair of the part. Alternatively, Accuwitt reserves the right to replace the defective device or component with a subsequent product or refund the purchase price. The replaced device becomes the property of Accuwitt. All software and manuals provided with the product are not covered by the warranty.

  4. The warranty is applicable only to the end customers (consumers) who purchase the products from retailers or system integrators (first-time purchase). It is non-transferable.

  5. Accuwitt has the right to make technical changes (e.g., firmware updates) apart from repairs and replacements to ensure device synchronization with the latest technology. Customers are not required to pay for this service, but it does not give rise to any legal claims.

  6. During repairs, the device must be sent to Accuwitt with the serial number clearly identifiable to ensure a valid warranty assessment.

  7. The end-user warranty should be handled directly between the customer and Accuwitt's authorized agents. Accuwitt does not accept warranty claims handled by distributors. If a warranty claim is incorrectly processed by a distributor, the customer assumes the risk of the distributor's failure to fulfill the warranty.

  8. The warranty period is determined based on the sales invoice (or proof of purchase) from Accuwitt's authorized dealers, according to the product's serial number.

  9. The warranty period may vary depending on the country or region. Please inquire with your point of purchase for specific details.

  10. Damages or malfunctions caused by improper use or disassembly of the product are not covered under the warranty.

  11. This warranty service does not cover any corresponding damages resulting from user or non-Accuwitt authorized engineer disassembly, including but not limited to damages caused by incorrect self-disassembly or installation.

  12. The warranty will be void if the customer removes the original warranty label, if the serial number label does not match the product model specifications, or if the serial number label is altered or worn out to the extent that it is difficult to identify or if the product lacks the Accuwitt serial number label.

  13. In order to provide comprehensive customer repair services, Accuwitt allows customers to quickly submit repair requests through the website. Once you fill in and submit the relevant information, the repair department will arrange for the collection of the product for repair. Please ensure that you provide accurate information to avoid any repair delays. You can also join the official LINE@ account to track the repair progress and protect your rights.

※ This online repair service application is only applicable in Taiwan. Repair requests outside of Taiwan must be processed through local authorized agents and distributors according to their regulations.


Warranty Exclusion Clause-

Warranty claims that meet the following conditions are excluded.

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the device is damaged or destroyed due to force majeure or environmental factors (such as moisture, heat, electric shock, overload, dust, etc.).

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the storage or operating conditions of the device do not comply with the technical specifications listed in the product documentation.

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the device is damaged due to improper handling during transportation.

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the device has been opened, repaired, or modified without permission.

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the device has suffered mechanical damage.

  • Warranty claims are excluded if the serial number label is torn off or the serial number is illegible (applicable only to PSU, liquid cooling systems, and casings).

  • Warranty claims are excluded for individual components that are prone to wear and tear due to usage or other natural factors.

  • Warranty claims are excluded for usage issues and malfunctions caused by software installation and configuration.

  • Warranty claims are excluded for problems and malfunctions caused by computer viruses.

  • Partial or complete disassembly or modification of the product voids the warranty claim.

  • In cases where the damage is determined to be severe and the components are discontinued and cannot be repaired:​​

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