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ATX Desktop Power Supply

RA series Rally Tough


Regardless of any situation, stability and toughness are the first choice. With the most severe environmental conditions as the design requirements, it can meet the best customization requirements for all computer use. Regardless of long-term continuous use or hot and humid environmental conditions, the Accuwitt RA series uses the highest-grade parts in the industry, with the best production process and quality management system, to bring users the most tenacious and stable power.

"Extreme Gold Selection" 80 Plus Gold Certification

Long-lasting Japanese solid-state capacitors with an efficiency of 92%

Passed NFPA99 safety certification

"Sturdy and extraordinary" full 12V power regulation structure

Provides stable and high output power
Support high-end graphics card and dual 8PIN

“Authentic Pioneer” Exclusive insect-proof cover + particle filter function

Insect interference can easily cause a short circuit, or even burn the main frame

"Smart Choice" High Efficiency Active Regulator

Power saving technology, real environmental protection and energy saving

"All-in-one" multiple circuit protection design 

Quiet and long-lasting fan with advanced aluminum cooling system
Safety blackened flat wire

"Top Quality" 10 Years Warranty for the Industry's Leading Manufacturer in the World


Output Power:450W
Input Current:100-240V~7A
Input frequency:50-60Hz

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