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Precision Power with Formidable Output

in confidence


 Customer Satisfaction

In establishing the best partnership with the buyers, we listen to the needs, grasp trends and expertise, and achieve the customer desires.

▲ Excellence
Being the best at what we do, fulfill our promises, and create the competitive advantage of our products with outstanding execution.

▲ Innovation

With the open mind and innovative technology, we promote the commercialization and popularization of new-generation technology.

▲ Integrity

Upholding honesty, integrity, openness and transparency, our LBS (Local Base Service), provides the most immediate and prompt service in the local language to earn the trust of customers and achieve sustainable brand management.



In today's modern society, human life is basically inseparable from electricity, especially in the digital age of computers, the supply of electricity is an indispensable element of life. Computers and mobile phones have become a part of our daily live. For computer systems, the power supply, critical to the use of energy, is an often overlooked yet the most important component in the entire system.

Reliability over availability

With the addition of various graphics cards and peripheral devices, a stable and durable power supply must be the primary factor to consider when purchasing a computer. There are many different brands on the market, which naturally leads to a situation of fluctuation in quality. Consumers are most often faced with inadequate power wattage, inferior parts failing stability, poorly designed products, breaking the bank while compromising home safety.


Explicit R&D

In order to provide consumers with the best option, the accuwitt team has assembled elite members in the power supply industry, from R&D, materials, production, quality to market operation, using their prudent R&D and practical skills to design the power supply for different computer specifications. Accurately stabilize full-wattage products; apply the collective wisdom required by the supply chain to the smart industry, smart life and smart city, towards cloud computing, optoelectronic semiconductors, automotive electronic charging, 5G, AI, IoT, metaverse, two-dimensional space and other fields, to provide stable power.

Firm foundation

The team composes of R&D engineers with 30 years of rich experience, not only to meet the needs of global brands for stable power output, but also to show the brand's determination to perform perfectly in end consumer products, and develop the industry's exclusive patented insect-proof power supply device for top Cloud customers with an investment amount over 15 million USD, establish the guarantee provided by sustainable power supply. Currently cooperating with Taiwan-funded foundry with the largest output in the industry. With its strong joint purchasing ability and high-end quality manufacturing ability, it has been recognized by global brands.



Equipped with the best quality and stability of the world's largest manufacturer, also based on technology standards, procurement and production advantages, providing the first industry-exclusive "10-year product warranty for all products", to confidently service and support our customers, achieving an exceptional experience. We value consumers and listen to the voices of all walks of life, and meet your various needs for products with high-quality global local services. Continuously improve the uniqueness of its products, expand its horizons through artificial intelligence, and open a new path for the industry.


Future venture

Deriving from multiple perspectives and attention to details, with the best production technology, materials and quality, we have become the best partner of target customers in optoelectronic energy saving and smart technology. The stability and durability of the product, as well as the comprehensive intelligent design, make the product suitable at various levels and become an industry leader in the future in terms of brand, quality and service.  One day soon, a brand that leaps to the top of the world.

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